Data Virtualization:
Focus On Success Metrics Without Worrying About Data Complexity!

One Logical Platform to Integrate and Deliver all of your Data 
What is Data Virtualization?

Data virtualization is a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across the disparate systems, manages the unified data for centralized security and governance, and delivers it to business users in real time.

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Cadeon Information Management Services

How can Cadeon Data Virtualization Services help your business?

Cadeon Data Virtualization services help to easily combine data sources to simplify user access to complete information for faster and better decision making.
1. Respond faster to evolving analytic requirements from business users. 
2. Significantly reduce the cost associated with data replication and consolidation.
3. Lower the cost of Cloud/Big Data, Digitization, and Logical Data Warehouse initiatives.

Cadeon Data Virtualization Solutions

Cadeon Data Virtualization solutions help deliver improved efficiency through the capacity for reuse. Once your company has delivered it's first DV project (which will likely be 30% faster than any similar project you’ve completed before), employees can publish logical views and place them in a catalogue to share with the company. Other employees can then search these published views by keyword or category.

Data virtualization then becomes the key driver for delivering “the single source of the truth” by providing aggregated information from all heterogeneous data sources. The resulting to ability to allow quick analysis across many disparate data sources contributes to significant operational efficiency improvements.

Denodo Platform Architecture

Data Integration without Replication

Logical data layer

Data virtualization provides a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data without replicating it in a physical repository.

Data integration

Data virtualization integrates data siloed across all enterprise systems, regardless of data format, location, or latency.

Data management

Data virtualization provides a centralized secure layer to catalog, search, discover, and govern the unified data and its relationships.

Real-time delivery

Data virtualization delivers the integrated information in real time to the applications used by business users.

Cadeon & Denodo - Bridging the Last Mile to Data Access

Through strategic alliances with high-quality, like-minded technology partners, Cadeon provides comprehensive solutions to meet your organizations information-related needs.

We work with our technology partners to help quickly develop the business agility you need. We provide the absolute best service from people who truly care about solving your toughest business challenges with cost effective access to:

* Skilled resources
* Implementation support and best practices
* Complementary software and technology solutions

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